My journey with fibromyalgia began in 2010. One warm November day, I woke with severe pain at my sternum. It was enough pain that I had trouble breathing. When the pain did not resolve after an hour or so I called my Primary Care Physician, concerned that I could be having a heart attack. She saw me within the hour and determined that it was not a heart attack, but the pain originated in my stomach. She was able to rule out other digestive organs and prescribed some medication. Over the next several weeks, the stomach pain continued but an achiness also started to envelope my body.

Finally in early February I had an EDG (Esophageal endoscopy) and was diagnosed with Barret’s Esophagus. This is a pre-cancerous condition. My uncle had been diagnosed with the same condition and only two years after, had passed away from esophageal cancer. I was concerned with having a pre-cancerous condition, so I was focused more on that than the increasing pain in my body and the other symptoms that were presenting themselves. However, it was increasingly difficult to complete my daily tasks and I continued to seek advice from my PCP.

By April, I was having continued stomach pain and the symptoms of achiness and fatigue were getting worse. I was doing my best to rely on God and trust in Him that this was just a season I would have to endure. I wanted to take the Barret’s Esophagus seriously and scheduled an appointment at Johns Hopkins with a gastroenterologist in order to have every opportunity possible for the best care.

In late April 2011, our church was having a healing service. At the end of the service, the pastor and prayer warriors asked for those who longed for healing to come forward to be prayed for and anointed with oil (James 5:14-16). As I was standing in the pew, I knew that I needed healing in my body and felt led to go forward. As my pastor and another faithful woman laid their hands on me, they asked what I needed healing from. I replied, “stomach pain and pain all over my body.” I had faith that Jesus could heal me and I trusted in Him to respond as He saw fit. As I was prayed over and anointed with oil, I felt a tingling come over my whole body and my pain gradually subsided.

I was not able to sleep that night because I had an incredible surge of energy, but the pain in my stomach and body was gone and I knew God had healed me. I finally fell asleep and when I awoke, the achiness was back; but I no longer had pain in my stomach. In the days that followed, the stomach pain did not return but my other symptoms increased. In May 2011, I had another appointment with my PCP and she told me she really thought I had Fibromyalgia. I am one of the lucky, I was diagnosed quickly and I have a wonderful PCP who takes the time to understand my symptoms and listens. She started me on a few medications, but the symptoms steadily grew worse and new symptoms developed as well.

I still believed that I had been healed, but I wasn’t sure how.  In April of 2012 I had an EGD performed at Johns Hopkins and the results showed no Barret’s Esophagus. I knew then that God had healed that malady, but I would have to continue to live with Fibromyalgia. In the years since, my faith has been tested by many trials. Although my Fibro symptoms have grown worse and my EDG’s have still physically looked like Barret’s Esophagus, all the biopsies have come back normal. Once I asked my doctor if the medication I am on could cure the Barret’s. She said that research had showed no cases where it had. I conveyed then that I felt it was God who had healed me of that, and although I have faith that He has, my Fibro journey continues on…